Mobile phone directory helps in looking details about number

During the landline days the phone directory contained in white pages like booked format. These white pages contain details of local area numbers and contain only minimal information of the number. After the mobile usages these white pages are vanished, so many organizations involved creating a sites that provide online cell phone directory that include not only the local area members but also contains national and international numbers. These organizations collecting information of their customers from the telecommunication service providers and numbers which are registered in public records. The companies update about the customer info in the sites. Hence you can check details about unknown numbers who are disturbing you by prank calls, criminals who are threatening. These sites help more for the police to know about particular thief and their recent activities.

Usage of online directories

Cell-phonesThese services are offered for price based on your search about the number. If you need minimal information about any person you can pay according to that data. For any other information you can pay extra according to the data you are searching about the person. Hence it is for searching online when you enter the number it will display the information within seconds, but while using white page directories you have to search the number through every page that will take hours to find out.

These sites now also available in mobile applications that will be available for smart phone users which is easy to search in any ways. So no need to go for laptops or pc to go for these sites. Hence you can find your last childhood friend, relatives and your last love. It is easy for getting information in these sites. But before paying check whether the price you pay is equal to what you search in these sites and check for the return of cash if particular information is not available for you. Till now there are lot that are not been updated in these sites, because nowadays all are using mobiles having dual sim cards. There are various service providers, so collecting information from these organizations is still on processing hence sometimes you may get disappointed by not availability of information.  There are numerous online cell phone directory sites available so go with the company who provide more information at low cost and also the exact information of the person who is having that contact number.

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