Nandrolone decanoate cycle is famous in bodybuilding as it helps in muscle growth. This is an anabolic steroid and is popular as Nandrolone Decanoate. This has trade name Deca Durabolin and Retabolil. This also increases the red blood cell count and also helps in keeping the appetite healthy as it is produced naturally by the body.

Effects Of Nandrolone

Nandrolone Decanoate is generally converted into androgen which is dihydronandrolones. This is the main reason for adding this drug in their diet. The androgen dihyronandrolone is much weaker when it is compared to DHT which are seen in D bol and the effects are slow. This steroid Deca is one of the most powerful steroids which come with less side effects, while other steroids come with many side effects. Deca is preferred as it is a good steroid and it produces the best results as that of any other steroids and has less effect. This steroid takes time in helping one in building the body. This is the main reason this steroid must be used for long cycles. Most of the steroids are used for six weeks while NandroloneDecanoate is used for more than eight weeks and last upto twelve weeks. When the steroid is used for longer periods, it helps one in gaining more lean muscles.

Gain Muscles

Cycle and stacks

NandroloneDecanoate cycle is a longer cycle which lasts upto 12 weeks. Generally men take 300-600mg of dose per week and women take much less dose than men and it lasts upto 50mg. While NandroloneDecanoate is used, endogenous testosterone is lowered. So, when a person is using the cycle for eight to twelve weeks, he must also use products which help in maintaining the levels of endogenous testosterone. Generally NandroloneDecanoate is stacked with nolvadex or clomid, and help in maintaining the levels of testosterone. While androgen steroids are used, the main side effect which is seen is decrease in the levels of testosterone, so to reduce the effect, one must stack it with the testosterone supplements. Stacking also helps in maintaining the effect of the cycle and balances the levels of testosterone produced naturally by the body.

Same drug different names

NandroloneDecanoate is also called as DecaDurabolin. It has many names and DecaDurabolin is used for marketing NandroloneDecanoate. Deca is also an injectable form of NandroloneDecanoate. It can be D-bol, Decanoate or nandrolone it’s the same drug. The quality of the drug always influences the effect of the result. DecaDurbolin is similar to Anavar. Deca acts in a mild way and helps in gaining lean muscle. This is not a fat burner and does not give the strong feeling, which is given by other anabolic steroids. It helps in proper immune system functioning and red blood cells are developed and also promotes the cell function. Women are not advised to use this steroid as it has many side effects. As the toxicity is less, it can be used for long cycles. NandroloneDecanoate can be used for bulking and cutting while it is cycled with other androgen steroids.


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