Perfect Pastry Preparation

The modern word “pastry” comes from the old English word “paest”, literally “paste,” and describes how cookies were commonly used before medieval times. It was just pasta made from flour and water (sometimes with salt), which was used to cover meat and fish to protect the meat from the fire. In a pastry coating, the meat is filtered to perfection in its juices, which makes it very tender. As a general rule, the dough was broken and dumped, and the beef it contained was eaten.

During the Middle Ages, someone could have discovered that the dough at the bottom of the meat was lush and tasty, and this could lead to fat mixing experiments with a mixture of flour and water. This is where modern pastries schaumburg came from.

Cooking, as we know it today, works only because fats have fallen into the dough.

These fats separate the layers of flour as the cookie is prepared and dried, which makes the dough more tasty and brittle.

pastries schaumburgIf you then take this basic dough and add an egg or egg yolk, the dough will become more resistant and also more abundant in flavor. Then you can add spices, herbs, and other flavors to change the flavor of the main dough.

You can also change the characteristics of the dough using different fats. The butter tends to give a better flavor, and the lard gives it a better crumbly texture (many chefs use half butter, half fat). Margarine provides a softer feel, less in layers and a paler general color that can be useful for fruit cakes. It can also make the dough in liquid oils, but they are challenging to handle and should be used immediately.


However, the real secret to making useful cookies is to use everything cold (both the dishes and the ingredients) so that the fats do not melt before baking them (this way you will get small pieces of total fat in the dough, which improves taste and friability). Then process the mixture as little as possible so that the ingredients do not get too hot.

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