Planning for pregnancy in an easy manner

If you are thinking on the lines of a pregnancy you would need to visit your doctor for a pre conception visit. For sure they are going to help you plan for your pregnancy and sometimes they would ask you to have a watch on your pregnancy medication list as some of them may have side effects. It is also to be understood that the pre conception is the time where you would need to rake in the necessary changes so that your fertility and any problems faced during the course of pregnancy is eradicated.

Folic acid

If both of the partners are on the common line of becoming pregnant then you should consume folic acid. For sure it is going to lead to best outcomes for the baby and this is in the growing phase. When you consume folic acid early it leads to a reduction of neural tube defects.

Keep a watch on what you are eating

If you along with your partner are preparing for pregnancy, then you should have a look at your diet. In fact it is recommended to make healthier eating choices. If you eat more healthy foods, it is going to improve the chances of conceiving and in the process having a healthy baby.

Planning for pregnancy


There is no safe level of exposure to alcohol when you are carrying a baby. If you are planning to have a baby then drinking is not at all a safe option for you. It can go on to affect the health and development of the developing baby. In fact one of the best medicines for pregnancy is to keep away from this killer disease at all counts.


If you are into smoking and find that you have become pregnant, the best measure would be to say a goodbye to it. It is one of the best ways to protect you along with the developing baby from any serious complications during pregnancy. If you do so you are eliminating all risks in the form of premature delivery or complications arising at this juncture.

Now the question is which works out to be the best time to become pregnant? One is likely to become pregnant if they have sex within a day or two of ovulation. This works out to be 14 days before your next period. The egg is known to reside somewhere between 12 to 14 hours once it is being released. In order to pregnancy to occur the egg would need to be fertilized by the sperm within this time frame. If you want to become pregnant then have sex every alternative day which means that there is sperm in the fallopian tube.

The sperm is known to reside in the body of a woman for 7 days. More than one egg could be released and this could happen within 24 hours after the first egg is being released. If the egg is not fertilized it does pass out of the body during periods.

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