Quick Guide to Buying a Used Car

What is better than a new car? An old car! That’s why buying a used car sound like the perfect idea for many people. In order to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, it may be helpful to know some tips for purchasing and maintaining your used cars in chandler. Here is an overview of what you should know before you take that first step towards securing your new car.


Before you even start looking at cars, you should have a look at what is nearby. Local classified ads are a good source of information on the price, condition and overall reputation of the vehicles out there. Just because one car might be “dodgy” in one area, doesn’t mean it is in another. Look at the pictures carefully and talk to previous owners to make sure you know what you are buying into.

How It’s Used

The age of the car is another important factor to look at. A car that was only used for a few months might make a better option than one that belonged to a very old person. The reason behind this is because it will be easier to find parts for the newer model if you ever break something. This is not to say that all old people are bad drivers, but they are more likely not to notice things like flat tires and faulty lights. Also, consider how many people owned the car before you did. Was it well cared for or used?

used cars in chandler


By law, you are required to have Car insurance. Ensure that your policy covers you in the event of any damage to the car in your care. The specifics of this will vary depending on your existing insurance policy, but many policies offer at least some coverage for used cars. If you are not sure, call up and ask your agent before you get started. This can save you a lot of time and trouble later on.

Buy Private

There are three main options when buying a second hand car: private sale, dealership, or online auction site. There are benefits and negatives to each one.

Private sales are generally the cheapest option for the buyer, but this could also leave you with a piece of rusting junk that can’t be fixed or sold.

Dealerships often have more security options and warranties, but their prices are at least twice as high as private sellers. If you go to a dealership, make sure you get them to look over it thoroughly in case there is any hidden damage that could cost you later on.

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