Radha Singh And Her Excellent Tips For Street Photography

It is not that people can express their views and thoughts only be speaking or writing but photography gave a new direction to the expressions of the people involved and gave them a completely new area to innovate and explore for the good only. What one could not explain with the help of words can do so with the help of the pictures capturing the right moments and expressing the thoughts and vision clearly and specifically. With the passing time, the camera and lens of a photographer has seen many changes, taken different positions and gone through various technologies.

So one can very well say that people these days are fully equipped to capture moments and make a history out of the same. Not everyone can make the best use of the same and depict the picture as it is to the society as a whole. It requires great experience and huge expertise. Radha Singh NJ is an experienced photographer possessing the right kind of knowledge related to the field and is of the opinion that all this will help a layman or a new photo artist to present his/her best to the world by bringing out the best through the pictures.

She feels street photography to be the best in a way that it helps the naïve photographer to capture live moments, movements of all kinds and innumerable expressions on the floor always available naturally and not to be posed for a picture. As per Radha Singh, the following tips related to street photography are quite helpful and must be followed as and when possible. The tips are listed as below:

Radha Singh And Her Excellent Tips For Street Photography

  • One should start with the place one is familiar to, i.e. the streets or the locality one is putting up is the best place to start with. Once through with the same, then one can start exploring new areas and make the most of this clicking experience.
  • Taking the permission of the people concerned before clicking the pictures is very much essential and part of the good manners. Knowing that they are being clicked their expressions might become posed ones and lack the spontaneity, had they not known the fact.
  • One must make use of a camera which is suitable for the beginners and easy to carry as well as not easily noticed by the crowd as it might create various problems for the concerned photographer.
  • In fact, one must set the camera beforehand and then come out on the streets for clicking the awesomest of the pictures with the basic naturalness maintained and without losing the same at any point of time due to any of the reasons.
  • The background as well as the foreground of the picture must have a story of its own to convey and should do so with all ease. The spot for clicking the pictures should be made final only after considering the same.

Thus, Radha Singh NJ is of the view that the picture clicked should not look artificial and must maintain the natural element. If that be the case, then the picture does the entire work on its own and the whole credit goes to the same only.


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