Samsung Galaxy S9 will be security issue free

Today we again talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S8. In general, the new Korean flagship exactly “turned”, however, and it does have its weaknesses, which you should pay attention when buying, so you do not shed negative on the creators of the smartphone.

 A 5.8-inch screen Super AMOLED nonstandard resolution WQHD + (2960 × 1440 pixels),in this case, the smartphone has kept the size of last year’s Galaxy S7 but in the case of securities, phone needs to do more efforts.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 can get security update before the official start of sales. The fact that a blogger with the nickname Marcianotech could crack the smartphone face recognition subsystem using conventional photography making the upcoming Galaxy S9 aware and giving time to recheck all these issues within it.

This feature is one of the key biometric chips of the new flagship Samsung, along with iris scans and moved to the backside of a fingerprint scanner. Similar features might be present in S9 with more improved quality present at the backside of the phone body.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 lacks strengths, which fully justify its purchase and outweigh the few drawbacks. So there you go!

So, Marcianotech set up Galaxy S8 to recognize your face and then showed up his photo close to the screen of another smartphone. As a result, he was able to remove the lock screen. Theoretically, the same trick can be done with the printed photograph. Galaxy S9 will make a strict face recognition system so that these kinds of issues won’t appear to the users concerning their tight security to sustain the reputation of the company.

Recognition subsystem entities in Samsung Galaxy S8 use the front-facing camera. Apparently, the presence of security “holes” due to the fact that the depth of the space is not analyzed. That is, generally comes any sufficient image quality.

Original video burglary Galaxy S8 was cut from the broadcast YouTube-channel. Marcianotech thrashed out this to iDeviceHelp authors and published in a separate review. In fact, here it is:

Thus Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have all chances to get a security update before the advent of smart phones in the stores, and it will be installed at the first connection to Wi-Fi.

In general, the situation with burglary can damage not only the new product’s reputation but also the whole of the company Samsung, which, after the explosive Galaxy Note 7 is under the most scrutiny of the press and the public. Samsung Company has now gone aware of this fact and will launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 next year with mindfully, making sure of avoiding potential danger or any other cautious.

Inconvenient location of the fingerprint reader in S8, which “moved” from the “Home” button on the backside and is now located to the right of the main chamber, especially the decision for left-handers.

Galaxy S9 will also put the fingerprint sensor at the backside of the phone body beside the camera.

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