Secured Connection with Anti-counterfeit packaging

With the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis and the meteoric increase in credit clearing websites around the world, the security agencies understand that a loophole calls for a thief. It hardens the security walls with the promotion of anti-counterfeit packaging standards. So, what exactly is the standard – how does it improve our lives as both buyers and business owners?

Are business owners’ rights and internet commerce so dangerous?

Indeed, the internet and digital trading arenas may be dangerous places if you do not carry out the appropriate protections. The real danger is to the business owners.

When a transaction is done in E-commerce and through anti counterfeit packaging, the transaction becomes safe, just as a customer arrives at a physical store and “irons” and embeds the credit card in the EVM terminal.

General and important note:

Credit card companies do not return money to the business owner. They inform him that because there are risky transactions and the responsibility is on him (the business owner). The amount is returned to the cardholder and the business owner “hijacks” a chargeback. If such an event does occur – the credit card company backs and ensures the customer and returns his money to him (in most cases).

Let’s verify and identify – a secure system

The system is actually a platform that the acquiring credit companies support, together with the card issuers, so that the business owner can receive an indication that the transaction is done with 100% certainty with the cardholder, and the responsibility for maintaining the transaction goes to the card issuer.

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