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Your aim is to boost sales at your ecommerce site. You also have new stock but yet your old stock is not selling. You are now strategizing to sell out unsold stock and boost sales. No worries. You can simply add a new functionality, such as create sales bundles with the help of our product builder magento.

What is a sales bundle? A bundle of two or more items is called a sales bundle. You can club together items to sell them as a package rather than each individual item. Our product builder magento offers a solution called the bundle creator extension, a fully customizable product incorporated with your ecommerce site. It helps you create bundles of two or more products to help sell better. Your customers can now select a dress and a shoe and pay a pre-determined fixed price for it.

Creating a sales bundle

How does out product Bundle Creator work?

Bundle creator once installed creates slots on product pages of pre-determined categories. When the customer selects a product, it gets added to the slot. If the product bundle is for two products, then the customer can add two products from select items and buy the bundle at a fixed price.


As a bundle creator, you can access our magento admin panel to create the bundle. This is a totally user friendly and completely editable feature. You can create unlimited bundles with unlimited items. To create a bundle, you will have to first decide what theme you want for your bundle. E.g. Black Dress. For this theme, you will select ten types of black dresses and put it under one category. You will then select the product you want to bundle with a black dress, for instance black shoes. You can then select ten types of black shoes and bundle them with the dress. You will now be able to fix a price for this bundle and even offer them discounts. You can edit any part of the bundle at any time. You can enable or disable a bundle. You can add two or more items to one bundle.

There are multiple advantagesto using the magento bundle creator. It is completely customizable. It seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce site. It makes shopping at your site more appealing. It enhances customer experience. It is also not as time consuming as it limits the choice to a few select items. It helps you clear out unsold stock at discounted prices and boosts sales.


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