Testosterone is the nucleus of your well-being

Testosterone is identified as a hormone or a chemical messenger which is accountable for the growth of male sexual features. Females too manufacture testosterone but commonly in lesser quantities. This is also regarded as a sort of androgen that is primarily manufactured by the testicles or testes in cells known as Leydig cells. When men do not have sufficient testosterone then they are considered infertile. The reason behind this is for the processing of spermatogenesis, testosterone is highly required. Besides sperm production testosterone regulates numerous other functions like fat distribution, production of red blood cells, bone mass, sex drive, muscle strength and size.

Necessity of testosterone supplements

Even though your body is capable of producing testosterone itself, still sometimesyou require the topical solution of testosterone. These therapy options and treatment are obtainable in forms of ointments, creams, pills, oral tablets and even injection forms. Testosterone greatly affects the health and safety of male organs that include the testicles and the pituitary gland. Additionally, it helps in the development of reproductive structures. It also inspires strength, muscle growth, endurance, stamina among other functions. Another male hormone, such as dihydrotestosterone is manufactured from testosterone and leaves its impacts on your prostate growth plus loss of hair that results in male baldness.

Dihydrotestosterone is observed as a metabolite of testosterone that is an androgen plus male hormone and has powerful androgenic properties. These androgenic properties affect male sexual features. Though little quantities of testosterone get transformed into dihydrotestosterone yet dihydrotestosterone is more potent and stronger in comparison to testosterone. The levels of dihydrotestosteroneare directly linked to the levels of testosterone and the production of both of them is controlled by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Raised levels of dihydrotestosterone leave its impacts on both the genders. Due to this, women experience male characteristics like the growth of body hair, facial hair, increased acne and termination of menstruation cycles.

Diagnosing low testosterone

Besides a natural decline in the levels of testosterone, there are various health concerns that affect the levels irrespective of your age. Your overall health and your fitness have the possibility to lessen testosterone production. Few health conditions that change your hormonal levels are elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity and HIV/AIDS. When you think that you are suffering from low testosterone or when you notice symptoms like increased body fat, feelings of depression, lessened muscle mass or anemia then you should seek a physician. Your physician will conduct a meek blood test for determining the levels of testosterone in your body.

When the hormonal levels fall beyond 300ng/dL then it is diagnosed as low T. The hormonal test can be conducted at your home also, but it is advised to do it from a doctor’s office for getting precise results. The exact time of the day for undergoing a hormonal test is vital too as the levels do fluctuate all through the day. A test done early in the morning is the best, but your physician might wish to do a mid-day test to observe an extreme fluctuation, if any. Numerous people usethe topical solution of Testosterone for the declined levels and get excellent results.

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