The benefits of making your grocery stores go green

Many grocery stores are putting more effort into reducing their wastage and ensuring that they leave no carbon footprint. There is a lot of wastage that goes out of a grocery store, which eventually leads to greenhouse gas emissions, and thus creates the carbon footprint.

Every grocery store owner needs to put in conscious effort to go green. They must not rush into anything without proper planning and funds. It is best to start with small things that can make huge difference such as encouraging customers to carry their own bags. This will have a huge impact on the environment.

There are many online stores such as that offer custom-made bags and reusable totes made from Eco-friendly materials, which would help to reduce the carbon footprint.

Now lets us look at the other benefits of grocery stores going green:

  1. More accessible

Local shops are more approachable to the masses as they run their business in the neighbouring communities. They can easily have their products reach the customers, as they are in the vicinity. The larger departmental and grocery stores are usually set up outside the community, where the customers need to drive to the stores, which increases the fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

  1. Protects local land and wildlife

Purchasing goods from the locals mainly helps in protecting the wildlife and local lands. When you buy from local, you support the farmers and also the local producers, they would stay in operation by your support. If the local developers purchase from them, then the lands would be transformed and also would devastate the life of the animals (wild-life).

  1. Fewer carbon emissions

The carbon emissions are more in food production than that in the food products. When there is less processing, there’s less carbon emission. Frozen vegetables have a greater carbon footprint than that of the fresh ones because of the processing needed for preparing and freezing them.

Custom Grocery Bags

  1. Eating less red meat

Purchasing sustainable meat products would help decrease pollution locally. The industry live-stock accounts for 18% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Offers fresh produce

People purchasing from local stores can enjoy the freshness of the produce and also the nutrition in it. Many producers keep their products hormone-free, pesticide-free, and also organic, which not only benefits the customers but, also benefits the environment. When you avoid toxins like pesticides, it helps to improve air quality and the crops.

  1. Packaging wastes

The packaging of the products that are thrown away also leads to more carbon emissions. Customers bringing their bags instead of offering plastic bags at the counter would also reduce the emissions of carbon.

Reusable bags with your shop logo can also attract more customers and develop a connection with them. So, if you are planning to make your store go green then Custom Grocery bags would provide you with custom reusable bags depending upon your needs. No matter how many bags you require, they are the one-stop direct source for you.

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