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After conventional cigarettes, we saw the world making way for a new kid on the block – electronic cigarettes. And when that was not enough, the focus shifted to whole sale e-liquid, a liquid which is the main force behind generating vapor in an e-cigarette.


The solution is a blend of the propylene glycol, also the vegetable glycerin with definite level of flavors. Also an important ingredient is nicotine. The solution is either sold in a bottle or in disposable cartridges. The manufacturing is done taking a range of tobacco, fruits, with some other flavors, also with the nicotine levels. The standard note of “mg/ml” is being used for notifying nicotine concentration in it.


All about e-liquids:-

Now since we know the essential contents of an e-liquid, nicotine, which is but an important constituent of this solution is made available in 5 different strengths-

                                   None – 0

                                   Extra Light – 8

                                   Light – 12

                                   Regular – 18

                                   High – 24

The consumption of e cigarette wholesale will depend on the number of regular cigarettes a person consumes daily. A person who consumes a pack and a half will generally consume about 15 ml in a week.

The storage of e-liquid as per doctors should be far away from light and air for the simple reason that nicotine oxidizes and changes color but its properties remain the same.  We can even freeze it as the solution retains its originality even in a frozen state.

A cause of concern is the flavors of e-liquids as the flavors tend to degrade faster than nicotine does. it has been observed that e-liquids have a shelf life of about a year and can have a longer life if kept in a frozen state.

Also, it has been observed that when the oxidization of nicotine takes place then there is a change only in its flavor but not in its effect. Caffeine is said to stimulate and keep a person alert and nicotine does just the same. Studies have shown that it has proved to be helpful in treating serious conditions like Schizophrenia, depression and Parkinson’s disease but still a lot more needs to be studied, researched and observed at the same pace.

E liquid is believed to be available in 40-145 different flavors and it is always safe to keep it from the reach of children and young adults as the pleasant flavors may attract them and make it their slaves. The problem area is that e-liquids don’t smell like regular tobacco which makes it difficult to identify whether a person is using it or not.

Before the whole concept of e-cigarettes and e-liquids spreads its tentacles around the world, the need of the hour is to make as many people aware of  this as possible because only through open communication and education can we really achieve this goal.

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