The three main criteria in choosing a reliable cloud service provider

As the influence and utilization of information technology or IT systems in many businesses regardless of its size, it would be appropriate in making sure that you have to choose the reliable cloud hosting provider considering that it will surely serve a critical factor to your business’ overall success and long-term goals.

However, if you would notice, there are tons of cloud-hosting providers or servers out there that offers different IT-related services including market giants all the way to small players in the industry offering bespoke services, which sometimes makes it for a simple business or organization to having difficulties choosing which one is the most reliable and the one that can cater their IT-related needs.

That is why it has come to our attention to help you out in selecting a reliable and right cloud hosting provider for your business by reading these key factors that are listed down below. The information that you are about to read is compiled intricately by iSeries hosting.

  • Timing- It is all the about the timing. If you have a business but seemed to be not that necessarily requires to subscribe or hire a cloud-hosting provider, then the best decision would be not to hire one after all, it is because you can effectively select suitable providers out there that should understand first your specific business requirements, or they might end up being confused and might give you an inappropriate type service that does not even fit with your business needs. It is important that you already have a detailed assessment of your business needs that would create the perfect timing for a cloud service provider to offer you the right services.
  • Create a checklist- In selecting the right cloud service provider for your business needs, you should create your own checklist by following these criteria; certifications and standards, technologies and service roadmap, data governance, data security, and business policies, service dependencies, and partnerships. Together with contracts, commercials and SLA’s, reliability as well as performance, data migration support, vendor lock, and exit planning, and healthy company profile.
  • Check what technology the cloud service provider has- Making sure what platform or preferred technological tools both hardware and software used by the cloud service provider is critical if they can deliver optimum service and performance for your business needs. Make sure that the cloud service provider has an architectural structure that follows standards and services that suits your workloads and management preferences through the equipment they use, but for large-scale cloud hosting providers that are publicly serving many clients can only offer limited support and service unlike private and remote cloud hosting providers that offer you different service packages that totally suits your needs.
  • Check how reliable they are with data management- At the very least, you should be always aware of the regulatory or data privacy rules that govern personal data by having a data classification scheme that is already in place to define the types of data that you wish to be managed by a cloud service provider.
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