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The Three Phases of ps1000 diet

The ps1000 weight loss program is one of the most popular weight loss programs today and there are thousands of positive reviews about it on the internet. It is a solution based supplement which you will have to consume as drops. PS1000 supplement is manufactured by a company that is based in Idaho, US. The company and its promises sound genuine since they do not boast the effectiveness of their product but ask people to try it out first. They agree to the fact that the product will show different levels of results based on the person who’s trying it out and the results are not the same for all. Also, they have offered a 180 days cash back trial for you to try the product out without losing any money.

PS1000 weight loss program is only effective if you follow the right intake of food and the right amount of exercise. It’s not magic, but it’s an effective plan with efforts from all sides to get you complete weight reduction. PS1000 works on your hormones that won’t let you lose weight. Hormones control the metabolic functioning of a person’s body and based on the amount of its secretion, things like sugar control, insulin production, and fat retention are affected. These are the things that will result in the increase in your body weight and you’ll find it very difficult to reduce it because of your stubborn hormones.

PS1000 diet works in three phases. You need to follow all the three phases to lose weight and to maintain that weight.


In the first phase of the ps1000 diet plan, you will have to concentrate more on the weight loss process. This phase can be up to 90 days depending on how much body fat you have and how much of weight you intend to lose. It is necessary that you set a goal for yourself before you start a ps1000 diet plan so that you can feel better when you achieve your goal as the plan progresses. This phase may be the most difficult phase for everyone because you will have to motivate yourself and keep a control over what you eat.

During this phase, you have to regularly take the supplement drops along with 1000 calories every day. Working out is a choice because you will have less energy due to the intake of only 1000 calories per day. However, working out will accelerate the weight loss process.


This stage is for 21 days during which you can consume 1500 calories per day and can stop the intake of the supplement drops. This is the maintenance stage where you maintain what you gained.


This is the last stage where you follow a healthy lifestyle with less intake of calories.

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