Things to Consider Before Buying a Pneumatic Valve

Every industry has its unique applications and requirements. One valve can’t do the job of another valve. This is why, as you buy a pneumatic valve or air valve, you have to consider a few factors so that you buy the right kind of pneumatic valves. Furthermore, there is a broad range of choices available these days, which makes being precise about the application essential. Here’s a list of things to consider before buying a pneumatic valve or air valve.

The medium you would use

The very first thing you need to ask yourself is- what’s the medium that you plan to use? Valves are very specific to the medium used. You would need different valves for different gases or liquids. Moreover, based on application, you would want to adjust the pressure of the medium. When you answer all these questions, you would have an idea as to what pneumatic valve would make sense.

Operation of the valve

Size of the valve

Addressing the size of the valve that you would want to use for your system is important. This is because, if you choose a bigger or smaller valve, it would significantly affect the efficiency of the system. If you buy a valve that is too small and has a lesser flow capacity than needed, it would increase the flow time and affect the overall productivity of the system. Getting the size right will make your list shorter, with a few more concerns to address.


The next thing you need to know is what kind of configuration your system needs. Pneumatic directional valves have two, three, and even four ways. This means, based on the application the valve would need to have enough inlets and outlets. If you need to control the flow, two way will do. However, if your application demands more functions, three or four would be helpful based on application.

Operation of the valve

Based on what your system is like, it would need a certain valve that has a specific mechanism of opening and closing. Some of the common mechanisms for opening and closing valves are manual operation, solenoid, remote air operation, and mechanical operation.

Once you sort these factors, you would have a list of a handful of pneumatic valves that would be useful for your system and application. Thus, the task of buying one type of pneumatic that suits your industry the best would become a lot easier.

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