Time and Attendance Management System exposed

The time and attendance management module is a full featured solution that allows you to have thorough attendance planning, review and control over time management of any organization. The solution should allow improvising of employee time tracking, shift scheduling and reporting.

Over the period from the age of industrialization in the modern Internet based world, the factors of time and attendance have assumed greater significance with less dependence on moral values and honesty principles of employees. These are critical concern for employees by their employers. For Time and Attendance solution, there are companies which provide specific information technology based solutions for time and attendance records. Attendance Management System can be integrated with the existing time and attendance recording device like Biometric and Access card devices. There are options for manual upload attendance data or attendance that can have auto-generation based on policy and guidelines of employers and data from leave system.

Biometric Integration is possible for using a biometric machine or any other attendance automatic marking system for your company that can automatically be imported and processed in attendance data in a variety of formats. There are options for reviewing and resolving discrepancy due to punch error can be simply done by viewing the Punch record history of the employees. There is manual upload attendance system in which the functionality that allows you for uploading the attendance of all the employees and this function is of great help for organization where major employee strength is on field work.

Attendance Module has flexible options and allows you for maintaining

  • Multi-location holiday list
  • Defining optional holidays
  • Shifting and manpower planning
  • Setting minimum working hours for half days, extra working rules, late coming and early go policy

There is massive employee empowerment, flexi timing and designing of Human resources, employee friendly policy, flexibility is the need for the hour, there should be making to shift planning that goes even more complex on selected issues. Managers should regulate the working hours and keeping an eye on employee whereabouts while understanding the reasons for the frequent late come and early going from office and factory. AMS is also very effective where people are working in various shifts as it calculates the total working hours of an employee.

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