Top three rules to follow in the CFD trading business

Novice traders never follow the rules. The trade with different kinds of methods and loses money. CFD trading has become very popular in Singapore and brokers like Saxo have extended their hand to help the retail traders. But getting access to a good broker doesn’t mean, you will be able to become a skilled trader. You must follow certain rules and take trade with discipline. Before you start thinking to make a profit, you have to think about the safety of the capital. According to historic data, more than 96% of investors are losing money. So, it is clear that you can’t become a profitable trader without working hard.

Certain rules are there that can impose a great level of protection on your trading capital. As a naïve trader, you should follow this rule because it can protect the trading capital and help you to earn more money.

Get the best education

Before you think to become a professional trader, you should get the best education. Without having a proper education about the CFD trading market, it is very hard to overcome the losses. People become frustrated and greedy after they start taking trades in the real market. They want to overcome the losses with an aggressive attitude and eventually blow up the trading account. But if you educate yourself properly, you will learn to take trades conservatively. This will help you to deal with your trading loss in an effective manner. Never try to make yourself a pro trader without doing all the hard work.

While you learn about the basics, you should not become greedy and invest real money. The greedy traders are always losing money and they don’t know how this market works. To be on the safe side in trading, you must learn to analyze your emotional pattern. Control your emotion by using your knowledge.


Find the best broker

The elite CFD traders always trade with the Saxo bank group. They do so because they know the importance of a professional broker. Without using the professional broker, it will be really hard to overcome the losses and you lose money most of the time. You might have strong analytical skill but due to the faults in the trading environment, you will make a mistake. Moreover, the low-end brokers offer the retail traders crazy leverage which is very hard to control. The maximum leverage you can trade with is 1:10. A good broker also works to protect your capital. They will give free education resources that you can use to improve your skills.

Safety should be the prime concern of any retail trader. As a new investor, you might try different things it will never work. You have to be on the safe side of trading and take the trades in a professional environment.

Know the nature of the market

You must know the nature of the market from the start. For that, you have studied the historic price data and take the trade with proper discipline. People become greedy and they try to overcome the losses with an aggressive attitude. But if you look at the top traders in the world, you will never find a greedy trader. All of them are executing the trades with patience and they are following the safety protocol. Never try to break the rules at trading as it can impose a great level of risk. Follow the safety protocols and try not to risk too much as it can create massive confusion.

Spend time and study the price pattern and see how the market works. Focus on discipline and try not to risk too much while taking the trades. If you want to protect your capital, you must learn to play safe and keep pace with the market trend.

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