Far cry 4 is the advanced version of far cry 3 and it is the most interesting game in the current trend.  Now a day’s everyone start playing games in mobiles or in laptops. Not only children all age people started playing all games. When people feel bored or stressful everyone start playing games for relaxation. Playing games is one of the good entertainments for all aged people. The game far cry 4 was created depends on the all aged peoples mentality. So, all people can play this game for enjoyment and relaxation. The far cry 4 is the very popular game in the current trend.

Far Cry  29

Far cry 4 game is the multiplayer game that is the game supports two players. The players can defeat the enemies and shoot the enemies by using the fire gun etc…You can create and defeat the multimode enemies. The game contains the north kyrat and south kyrat. The player can start running from the south kyrat and they are free to travel in the south kyrat. But the players have to unlock the north kyrat then the player can enter in to the north kyrat. The players can allow running over the forest, rivers and mountains and the player can use the vehicle depends on the location. The players can shoot the enemies when they are driving and they can hide them from the enemies. The players can cover them from the gun shots and some other dangers. The players can shoot the enemies and kick the objects of the enemies. The players can use different approaches to defeat enemies or they use digital cameras to find the enemies. The far cry 4 map is used to find the route for the players to travel in a correct direction. This game is an open world environment game and the game allows player to travel in any path such as rivers, forests and mountains. The players can shoot the enemies while they are driving. In rivers the players can use small boats to defeat enemies. This game is to defeat enemies in the safe way.

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