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What Can Increase Instagram Likes?

Likes on Instagram are an important facet of the platform’s algorithm. Such likes will make your Instagram posts more visible. They are one of the metrics that will tell you if your Instagram campaign has been successful. It’s a good thing that there are many time-tested strategies to get organic instagram likes.

 The right hashtags

With the use of hashtags on the platform, you can bring the post in front of more users, resulting in more likes. By using a hashtag, your post will appear on the page intended for that hashtag. This makes it easier for users to find your post and eventually like it.

Tag users that are of value

You can also tag other users in your IG posts. Doing so will send them notifications. Not only will they like the post, but they are likely to share it too. More visibility for the posts means more possible likes from users. Through tagging, you are expanding the reach of your post to the followers of those who are tagged.

Come up with captions that compel

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but it is still a must to use your words creatively and appropriately. Keep in mind that algorithms find it easier to read text than images. Make sure to come up with interesting and thought-provoking captions to inform IG users more about the post. This will give your users a more holistic perspective of your brand. When you post your product, for example, you don’t only describe the product but also the process of creating it.

Create a reel

Even if you don’t like videos, try to make an Instagram Reel. They are slowly taking over the platform and have earned a higher percentage of engagement compared to other features. Instead of posting an image of a portrait you made, try sharing a Reel of how you produced it. This will certainly rake in more Instagram likes. You may also create a Reel of the behind-the-scenes while creating the product. This may translate to a more holistic view of your brand.


Post high-quality photos

It’s almost common knowledge that the surest way to gain more likes for a photo is to make sure that it is of high quality, interactive, engaging, and well-composed, making it more shareable.

Post user-generated content

By posting user-generated content with permission from the user, you are enhancing the relationship you have with your target audience. Try to encourage users to share your product photos and tag your brand in the post.

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