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What Do You Do When Your Heater or Boiler Goes Down?

Keeping your house warm and comfortable should be a top priority. Extreme drops in temperature can make your living not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Cold can have various effects on the body, some of which can be harmful.

A Heating System in the House Works Wonders

Back in the day, people used a fireplace in order to keep themselves warm at night, or in particularly cold weather. Of course, it worked as well as it should have, because even now, some houses still have fireplaces and chimneys, especially in the rural areas.

However, fireplaces have various limitations. These include:

Limited range for warmth

The effects of fireplaces are limited only by its size. Even then, even a big fireplace can only warm the area around the living room. Having a wood-fed fire can be dangerous as well if it gets too big.

It consumes resources

Fire requires fuel in order to keep burning. Fireplaces consume a lot of logs and dry wood in order to maintain its fire. One cannot keep the fire up all night, of course, because everyone has to sleep and no one will be able to keep watch on the wood faggots.

The smoke can make things uncomfortable

Smoke is always an indispensable companion to fire. Smoke by itself is simply a mechanism for the wood to release residual materials, but too much can make everybody exposed sick and annoyed.

This is not to belittle fireplaces, of course. That human invention eventually led to the heating technology that you know and use nowadays.

As with all machines, however, a boiler or a heater can still break down and require fixing.

Tips to Follow When Trying to Fix a Heater That Has Malfunctioned

Before you go to the experts, you can try the following “do-it-yourself” diagnostics to see what’s wrong with your heater.

Heater or Boiler Goes Down

Set the thermostat to room temperature

Room temperature is what we’re aiming for with the heater in the first place, which means it is not surprising at all if some heaters will not work if the thermostat is set lower than room temperature. Make sure to always check that out.

Make sure the timer has not been reset

Just like air-conditioners, heaters can also be programmed to turn themselves on and off at certain times. This could also be one reason why it’s not working – the timer may have been reset, and the machine is simply waiting for you to turn itself back on. Resets can be caused by power outages, or if the power supply has simply been plugged off.

Reset the heater’s settings

When all else fails, you might want to reboot the machine. This will restore everything to default settings, and you can work again at restoring your settings. This usually returns the heater back to good working condition.

These, of course, are just “band aid solutions.” When you’ve done all these and your heater is still not working, perhaps it’s time to start calling the experts, or to start researching on the cost for replacement boiler.

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