What Every Parent Should Understand About School-Age Kids And Movies

When you have young children, you always want the best for them. You protect them from any possible harms and dangers, even by what they see on television and movies. If you have school-age kids, you should have a better understanding of how they perceive what they see in movie theaters and online movie streaming sites.

There would be times when they accidentally have access to this because of their free reign using their gadgets. Sure, there are movie ratings that will warn you about the content of the movie, but how does your child react to these? If you have the same questions, then this article is definitely for you. Before you turn to couchtuner free movie site, here are the most important things that you should know as a parent.

Scary Movies (Images)

They do not really care that much about what they see when it comes to what they mean about a movie scene. However, scary images can upset them easily. Even watching the news can be very scary for kids in this age group not only because of what they see on the screen but because they already have an understanding that what they see is real.

This is the same as watching scary movies. If it cannot be avoided, make sure that your child can separate reality from fantasy. Watch with them and explain things that they cannot understand even if they don’t ask for it.

Violent Movie Scenes

These scenes can have a more negative effect on kids in this age group than the younger ones. Even with movies about superheroes, you must thoroughly explain why they hurt others or they have to do violence. If you do not guide them, there is a huge possibility that they would misinterpret what they see in these movies.

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Sexual Images

Nowadays, even in kids’ movies, there is sexual imagery. Remember that this can affect how both boys and girls see themselves especially with their sexual development. At this age, they go to school and meet other kids and would soon enter the adolescence phase, so you have to guide them along the way.

When it comes to movies, even though sometimes we think that they are fit for school-age kids because by now, they can better understand simple plots and determine how events in a storyline relate to each other, it is still important that parental guidance is a must. This is the time that they develop and whatever they see either in the movies or television, it can greatly affect them. If you can watch the movie with your kids so you are there when inappropriate scenes come up.

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