What role did BRIM plays for essential items?

As we understand it, was first presented in the year 2012, then to be continued in year 2016. It has been seen in the current past that individuals are misusing the centers of this policy. To make sure that there is no criticism in this regard, one of the authorities from Finance Ministry has revealed that brim policy will be absolutely evaluated and restored in structure for the session 2016.

The United States had actually executed a food stamp system, which included cash coupons. The coupon system in the United States was made use of to buy regular groceries. The federal government believes to utilize this kind of system to fix the current issue. At present of the kemaskini br1m is a way of assisting those households whose month-to-month earning is listed below RM5000.

Until this year, the br1m payments were offered through direct bank transfer and cash coupons. From the existing session, it has been chosen that payments will be sent out 3 times a year; in January, then May and then by September. According to MohdIrwan, they can decide to deposit the every month aid in the recipientMyKad account, so that they can use it in the grocery stores. The overall quantity of brim policy may not be enhanced;however, there will be stringent constraints, so that they cannot use them on anything that is unneeded instead of utilizing them for home things, food, and other needed products.


According to him, the federal government is definitely searching for a replacement in the place of brim making sure the policy is more targeted. This was revealed after the budget 2015 was released. The federal government has started the procedure and has designated professional individuals to study and carry out the kemaskini system in the coming 2016. Moreover, they are believing to use the MyKad so that they can send the payments monthly.

According to as federal government authorities are worried; the brim policy is definitely the plan they have been trying to find, to assist the lower earning households instead of offering a flat rate of subsidy for everybody. This br1m policy has been effective one and individuals is pleased about this plan been executed by the Federal government, however like constantly, there are critics who are looking to find out the chances against the excellent that the br1m has done for the individuals of Malaysia.

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