What to Consider Before Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming pools can be an amazing asset to any home. Not only can they offer respite from the heat in summer months, but they also provide exercise opportunities and entertainment to guests. Unfortunately, installing one requires significant planning and execution – this is where a professional swimming pool contractor st louis county mo┬ácomes into play.

What Do Swimming Pool Contractors Do?

Swimming pool contractors design, build, and maintain swimming pools for clients. They aim to ensure their pools meet code specifications while meeting client needs. In addition to these core services, they may provide spa installation or remodeling/repair services as needed.

Qualifications and Certifications

When looking for a swimming pool contractor, assessing their qualifications and certifications is essential. A reliable contractor should possess both a license to operate in their state and insurance to cover them and their clients. Furthermore, certifications from organizations like the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) or the National Plasterers Council (NPC) would be advantageous.

Research the Reputation and Experience

Before hiring any swimming pool contractor, conducting thorough research on their reputation and experience is vital. Read reviews written by past clients as well as requests for references – any credible contractor should gladly provide this list with contact info for all past customers and references. Likewise, consider their level of experience within the industry as someone with several years’ worth will likely have overcome many unique challenges along their career journey.

Cost and Budgeting

The costs associated with building a swimming pool can vary widely depending on the size, materials used, and features added. Therefore, an initial budget must be set and kept. Involve yourself and the contractor in setting an accurate quote that covers the project’s labor, materials, and permit costs as soon as possible.

Timeline and Communications for Project Timelines and Communication Plans.

Timelines can also differ depending on the complexity of a pool project, with good contractors being able to give realistic timelines while keeping you informed of any delays or changes along the way. Communication throughout this entire process – from design through final inspection – should remain vital, so make sure they’re available whenever you have questions or are concerned.

Maintenance and Service

Once the pool has been installed, regular service and maintenance must be provided in order to keep it in top condition. A reliable swimming pool contractor should offer ongoing services like cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment repair, as well as answer any inquiries regarding pool care you might have.


Swimming pools provide you and your family years of enjoyment, yet building one can be a significant investment. Choosing the ideal contractor to construct or remodel is key for its long-term enjoyment and functionality. When making this choice, take note of their qualifications, reputation, experience, cost communication services, and maintenance options – then enjoy beautiful and functional aquatic bliss for years!

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