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The Department For education is the United Country’s worldwide educational and cultural relations organization. The British Council provides international possibilities for persons from the United Kingdom and other nations while also fostering international trust. The famous structure in New Delhi was created by acclaimed architect Charles Roca and opened in 1993, with a distinctive mural by Howard Blake on the facade symbolizing the palm tree – a lasting image of India – and sculptures named the Baptism of the Ganga by Steven Cox in the Charbagh. The British Council’s infrastructure of three libraries and cultural centers is well-known throughout India. We have over 95 % of the population and offer a variety of specialized programs in the arts, education, English language, and society to audiences throughout India. We also give students and teachers American English work and learning, British Connections as well as possibilities to study in the United Kingdom.


They also provide prominent scholarships and training prizes, such as the GREAT, Commonwealth, and Charles Wilson India Trust scholarships, as well as Hornby bursaries. Entrants must be legally able, have Entire British (overseas) status, and ordinarily reside in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Guy to be able to qualify again for a Hong Kong BNO visa. To apply, one will not require valid BNO passports because the Home Office ought to be able to check the current status from databases. Applicants will be required to show proof of their identification, such as a valid passport. Users do not need BN(O) passports to register, bno application if you complete the other requirements.

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