Where to go and What to do in South Korea?

South Korea is a very amazing country. It is having a rich history to offer its visitors. It is also a very ultra-modern city named Seoul and the very down to earth villages like Andong where you can see that time is so still. The country is having numerous national parks and one of them is also very nearer to Seoul where you can go for some interesting and impressive hiking’s.

So, in short, there a various thing to explore in South Korea and the hospitality of Koreans are very impressive.

Perfect time to visit South Korea

May to October are the best months for visiting South Korea.

June to August are considered as rainier and the temperature is hot. Sometimes it also reaches to 25 to 30 degrees. There is also a huge risk of typhoons which are again almost normal in South Korea.

May is the month where everything starts blooming and September and October is the autumn season which turns the landscapes of Country very colorful and photogenic.

Traveling Independent or in a Group

Creating the itinerary for the South Korea package tour is very easy. Korea is an ultra-modern country so everything can be arranged and book very straightforward online.

It is also very easy when you are traveling independently around the country.

But you can also join the tour operators who are planning the tours.

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