Where to Watch Wayang Kulit Bali Indonesia?

The Wayang kulit bali Indonesia has been one of the most popular traditional attractions that many people will love so much. The reason why will definitely show you the fabulous shadow play that can make you get entertained in the best way possible for sure. So then, you will feel so excited every time you take a holiday in Bali. So then, it will never be something disappointing for you to visit the place where you can enjoy the Balinese puppet show. Yet, do you really know where you can see the famous puppets show in Bali? If you do, it will be so much better for you to figure them out below!

Then, there are some places where you can enjoy the Wayang kulit bali Indonesiaso that you can make your holiday in Bali become so much more awesome for sure, which are:

  • At home of the local residents

One of the many places where you can watch the excellent the puppet show in Bali is at the home of the local residents. There are actually so many Balinese people that will hold a puppet show at their home especially when they want to celebrate special events such as wedding events, the anniversary events, and so on. In this case, the puppet show will get started in the night and will commonly show you the lighter stories which are dominated with the funny Balinese jokes just like the stories of Punakawan. Then, the puppeteer usually will deliver the story using the daily language that is easier to understand. In addition, one of the most famous Balinese puppets that will definitely amuse you so nicely is Wayang Chenk Blonk which can offer you the more modern and innovative touch.

  • Around the temples in the island

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the show of the puppet around the temples in Bali especially if you go there on the special day when the people do the sacred religious event such as the Yadnya ceremony. At the ceremony, you can see the puppets played by 3 to 8 people on a very simple set in the afternoon. This puppet show, which is also called as Wayang Lemah, will only require a carpet to organize the traditional music instruments, and also the stem of a banana tree and a white thread (tukelan) to embed the puppets he is going to play. So, unlike the other Indonesian puppet show, you will find any lighting or screen (kelir) while you are watching it. Then, this attraction will show you the stories with the bold social, morality, spiritual messages you can apply in your real life.

After putting all together, those are some of the places where you can find the awesome attraction of Wayang kulit bali indonesia. So, you better try to go to those places, so that you can find out the magnificent and entertaining culture of Bali. Additionally, you can also come to Banjar Babakan Gianyar Sukawati, Bali in order to find the artistic and unique Balinese puppets to collect.

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