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Why people are getting more addicted to marijuana?

Marijuana is a mood-altering drug that affects almost every organ in the body. Marijuana comes from the dehydrated flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Humans have used marijuana for hundreds of years for fiber, seed oils, seed, health check treatment, and recreationally.

Effects of smoking weed

The effects of weed are dissimilar for everyone – some people might feel happy, talkative and less self-conscious than usual, while other people can feel drowsy, nauseous and uncoordinated or any mixture of all of these effects. Some people may get really paranoid when they use cannabis, feeling really anxious, anxious or afraid.

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 Different uses if marijuana

People can smoke marijuana or inhale it through vapor, brew it as a tea, apply it as a balm, or eat it in products, such as brownies or brown bars. Some people use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, power spasticity, anorexia, nausea, and sleep disturbances.  therapeutic marijuana refers to either whole marijuana or its ingredients, such as CBD which forms the base of a limited number of accepted medications.

  • impairment of concentration and memory
  • reduced psychomotor coordination
  • nausea, even though some cannabis may help reduce nausea
  • increase in appetite
  • faster breathing
  • changes in perception, due to a slight hallucinogenic effect that can create a distorted illusion of time and space
  • mood changes, leading to euphoria, feelings of energy, or a state of relaxation
  • higher heart rate
  • reduction in blood pressure

Effect of marijuana on brain

These neurotransmitters have an effect on brain areas involved in memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, sensory and time perception, as well as pleasure. The receptors that react to these CBD also react to THC, which can alter and disturb normal brain function. Some researches have shown that THC affects areas of the brain that power memory creation and attention.

 Researchers have been looking into the possible benefits of cannabis for treating different health conditions.These include autoimmune disease, inflammation, pain, seizure disorders, psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders, withdrawal, and dependence. If you are looking for a dispensary that will give you the best quality marijuana then you will get the cannabis delivery in New York absolutely free direct to your doorstep.  on the other hand, before taking marijuana you should have to take some things in your considerations  that you should not have to take the excess amount of marijuana at once. If you wants to keep yourself distance from the side affect of cannabis.


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